360 Degree Camera: VR Challenges

360 degree camera360 Degree Camera: VR Challenges

The wonder of finding new ways to create illusion through cinematography never seem to end. The 360 degree camera is just another form of cinematography that will have a go at it in a film to be presented by New Deal Studios. What is the point in all this? Virtual reality with the wearing of a headset. The 360 camera has existed for a short time in the gaming industry, but you know things wouldn’t go too long before filmmakers would grab a hold of this technology with the hope of reaching its vast audience. Despite the disappointment of 3D’s lackluster performance in the film industry, it still continues to trudge forward no matter how many bumps are in the road. I am convinced that movie studios aren’t satisfied with consumers paying $20 a ticket if they think they can get $50. No doubt the industry will always try to develop more unique ways to enhance the theater experience for moviegoers as well as lighten their pocketbooks, but I have to ask, how important is it that the filmgoer feel as though they are in the movie as opposed to just watching it? The thought of being inside a bad movie that one has paid an exorbitant price for, might be the catalyst for new litigation against studios, such as negligent infliction of emotional distress.

— Stu Brown

360 camera

Virtual reality offers dramatic possibilities — and challenges — for the film industry

New Deal Studios filmed a short piece for Jaunt in Petaluma, Calif., this weekend. It was a first for the director and the crew, who had to deal with new requirements like staying out of the camera’s view.

The movie shoot had all the usual marks of a Hollywood production: shouts of “action!” and “cut!” and a sound guy lumbering around with a bag of equipment strapped to his front. But it had one major difference; as soon as filming started, everyone but the actors needed to clear out of anywhere near the scene.

The reason was a 360-degree camera debuted by Palo Alto startup Jaunt this past April. Step within view of one of the lenses ringing the camera’s body and you too will be in the footage, despite not being in the center of the action.

Virtual reality offers dramatic possibilities — and challenges — for the film industry — Tech News and Analysis http://gigaom.com/2014/08/06/virtual-reality-offers-dramatic-possibilities-and-challenges-for-the-film-industry/
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