4k Ready U.S. Only 17% – Akamai

4k ready4k Ready U.S. Only 17% – Akamai

As exciting as the prospect of delivering 4k programming to homes in the U.S. is, this article brings attention to knowledge that the U.S. and Canada lag behind other countries in the quest to become 4k ready. According to Akamai Technologies, Inc., an Internet content delivery network headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, only 17% of the U.S. is actually 4k ready. A large share of this 15 Mbps and above speed exists in the Massachusetts where Akamai is located, with the state claiming 27% 4k ready. Delaware is close behind at 26%. In the grand scheme of things, South Korea is at the top of the ranking at 60%, while the countries of Japan, Hong Kong and Switzerland are ranked at 32%, 25%, and 23% respectively.

I am not very happy knowing that the U.S. appears to be losing the information/communication battle. Do you think this is because our country prefers to maintain a throttle on the growth of lightning fast Internet speeds that might aid a sociopolitical revolution and thereby threaten the status quo? I’m just sayin’.

— Stu Brown

4k readyAkamai: 17% Of U.S. Is ‘4K Ready’

South Korea Best Positioned To Deliver Sustained Streams of At Least 15 Mbps

With 4K streaming services starting to trickle into the market, Akamai added a “4K Readiness” metric to its first quarter State Of The Internet Report, finding that 17% of the U.S. is prepared to deliver those services via broadband – not quite enough to break into the global top 10.

In the report, Akamai noted that 4K/Ultra HD adaptive bit rate streams generally require 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps of sustained data, and, in the report, highlighted the percentage of connections to Akamai that generate speeds above 15 Mbps. Its 4K findings don’t factor in other “readiness” components, such as the availability of 4K-encoded content or 4K-capable TVs and media players. Akamai also acknowledged that the 15 Mbps threshold could change as more efficient codecs, such as HEVC or VP9, become more widespread.

–Read more: Akamai: 17% Of U.S. Is ‘4K Ready’ | Multichannel http://www.multichannel.com/news/tv-apps/akamai-17-us-4k-ready/375406

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