Amazon Streaming Video Spends $100M

amazon streaming video

Above: The stage at Amazon’s Fire TV media event
Image Credit: Devindra Hardawar/VentureBeat

Amazon Streaming Video Spends $100M

Goody, goody. Amazon Streaming Video is investing in the right places. (Although I can’t say the same thing about the saturated smartphone market.) Every time I see video streaming companies such as Amazon, Netflix or Hulu spending money to create original content, I get inspired. Tears of joy come to my eyes. This may not seem like much to some however, for those of us who don’t like being spoon-fed our content that has been bent to the will of powerful corporate advertisers, it is a welcome sight. Furthermore, this kind of move by Amazon streaming video not only increases the competition between streaming services that offer original content, but it also opens the door further for independent filmmakers and television producers. The old boy networks are still around, but their stronghold is slowly being torn down. The music industry was first, and the television industry will follow suit. There will be some big winners and losers as time progresses.

What all this also means is that content providers will be looking in alternate areas for both above-the-line and below-the-line talent. The opportunities for freelancers, like myself, go up with each stock price increase. If you are a freelancer or an indie, you should be happy about this.

— Stu Brown

Amazon will spend $100M on new, original shows in Q3

Amazon is keen to keep pressure on Netflix in the competition to create new, original, and web-only video content.

During an earnings call with analysts Thursday, Amazon CFO Tom Szkutak said his company plans to spend around  — Read more: @VideoNuze: Amazon will spend $100M on new, original shows in Q3

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