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Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics’ unnamed, handheld, stabilized camera prototype

Autel Robotics Introduces New Handheld, Stabilized Camera

In addition to its X-Star Premium aerial drone, Autel Robotics surprised us with a prototype of a handheld, stabilized camera. The camera, featured at this year’s Showstoppers, which Zenobia (The Touchable Tech Diva) and I attended, is yet unnamed. In fact, the company is inviting users to collaborate in the development of its new product. This was their official announcement:

–Stu Brown

Autel Robotics Invites Users to Collaborate in Development of New ProductAutel Robotics Invites Users to Collaborate in Development of New Product

LAS VEGAS, April 18, 2016
Autel Robotics is showing prototypes of its new handheld, stabilized camera platform for the first time today at NAB 2016, Central Hall – C2139 and asking the public to participate in the development process. The prototypes currently feature a 4K UltraHD camera, a 3-axis gimbal automatic stabilizer, three shooting modes, a built-in mic, and a customizable modular mount. This portable platform will also hook up to a mobile device and app for advanced settings, autonomous camera maneuvers, and a live camera feed.

Autel Robotics’ customer collaboration effort starts at NAB 2016. There will be a table at the Autel Robotics booth where attendees can interact with the prototypes and submit ideas for names, color variations, use case scenarios, features, and other ideas for the product.

autel robotics

Autel X-Star Premium

“We’re always looking for ways to stay as close to our customers as possible,” Autel Robotics Director of Communications Natalie Cheng said. “By asking potential users to participate and provide feedback throughout development cycle, we hope to create a final product that is a powerful, customizable, and a useful tool to customers.”

Autel Robotics will also show its X-Star series of 4K camera drones now available for purchase and provide an update on its unprecedented fixed-wing, vertical takeoff and landing Kestrel prototype with expanded use cases.

Autel Robotics is an emerging technology company based in the greater Seattle area. With 7-days-a-week customer support, the company is dedicated to providing users with the best-possible experience. The rapidly growing team of more than 150 engineers in the U.S. and overseas is committed to developing the most innovative technology.

Please visit the Autel Robotics booth at NAB 2016 at Central Hall – C2139 for more information.






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