Avid Console Commands: 10 Useful Ones

avid console commandsAvid Console Commands: 10 Useful Ones

I hope that someone out there besides me finds these Avid console commands useful. I chose to post them because I still think that Avid Media Composer is still the video editor that has the best command in a digital nonlinear editing program. Yes, I do use other editors that take a more simple approach, but when I have tons of footage, and the need to edit very intricate scenes, Avid Media Composer is still my weapon of choice.

Lately, I have used Adobe Premiere Pro quite a bit because I have only needed to do butt cuts, and the round trip process to DaVinci Resolve 11 is quick. But I have a documentary in the works that will need keeping up with plentiful footage from multiple sources, and the database qualities of Avid just can’t be beat. If you are reading this to discover the 10 useful Avid console commands, then you probably already know what I mean. For those of you who are missing out, Avid has made it easy for you to learn what may have been out of your grasp before by making the software available through subscription. In fact, you can try it free for 30 days. However, be ready for a learning curve that will ultimately make you a faster editor after learning the software’s keyboard commands. Check out this blog post and others over at Digital Rebellion.

–Stu Brown

10 Useful Avid Console Commands

Avid Media Composer features a little-known Console window that allows you to enter commands to tune performance, improve debugging and enable hidden features. Many of the commands are aimed at plugin developers but here is a list of several that are generally useful.

To access the Console, go to Tools > Console. Note that many commands will need to be re-applied the next time you launch Media Composer.

Allow editing over network drives

By default Avid will only recognize locally-attached hard disks. You can switch off this limitation to enable editing over a network share. Note: do not let others access the project at the same time.

AllDrives 1 - Switches it on
AllDrives 2 - Switches it off

List installed AMA plugins

Displays a list of installed AMA plugins and their version numbers. Plugins can also be enabled, disabled and removed through our Plugin Manager app. –Read more: http://www.digitalrebellion.com/blog/posts/10_useful_avid_console_commands.html



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