Best NLE in Hollywood Still Avid

Best NLE in Hollywood Still Avid

The best NLE and reigning king in Hollywood is still Avid Media Composer. Other NLEs are experiencing huge growth simply because everybody that has a smartphone these days has a video camera. That footage sometimes needs to be edited without spending too much money, so the one-off project finds its way to the likes of Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro and others. However, when it comes to television and film production with hours and hours of footage, the Avid still wins hands down. Avid has been (and continues to be) the best NLE for me.

A fellow Avid user once made the statement, “Final Cut Pro is like trying to perform surgery with a butter knife.” What I believe he was saying is that once one learns to use Avid Media Composer and sees what precision is like, dragging and dropping clips to make an edit becomes somewhat less appealing. To explain further, Austin Flack, a Hollywood TV editor makes his case for the best NLE. Not everyone will consider it necessary to experience the Avid workflow however, after reading the link you will understand that the comparison to other NLE platforms is like comparing apples to oranges.

— Stu Brown

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Why Avid is No. 1 in Hollywood

When Premiere and Final Cut users try to convince Avid editors that they are living in the past, they often don’t understand the day-to-day experience of high-end TV and feature film post production.

To provide an insight into why Avid is still number 1 in Hollywood, Chris Fenwick invited TV editor Austin Flack to talk on his Final Cut Pro X podcast: the FCPX Grill.

f you don’t have the time to listen to the whole 74 minute episode, here are my notes on what was said:

[6:05] AF: I’m a reality TV editor, I’ve been doing it for 6 or 7 years…

[6:47] AF:…I’ve done a lot of Top Chef, I did a season of Masterchef

[7:25] AF:…and I’ve done a few seasons of Catfish, that’s the latest thing I’ve been doing

[10:48] AF: USC, big film school, they had a big partnership with Avid…

[11:17] AF: I was using Premiere on my computer at home… I would try and click on the clips to drag them around and it wouldn’t work and I was “this is lame – screw this” and so I gave up on Avid

[11:55] AF: When I got my first TV assistant job, it was Avid, and I bluffed and said I used it in college

[12:23] AF: Since I got into TV it has been primarily Avid…

[13:08] AF: I did prefer Final Cut 7 – strongly – for several years. It was way more modern… a year into being on Avid shows, I realised I was faster on Avid. It was a more fluid process.

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