Blackmagic Design – 3 New Cameras

blackmagic design

Blackmagic Design – 3 New Cameras

Blackmagic Design has lost no momentum with introduction of 3 new cameras. Namely, the Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera, Micro Cinema Camera, and Ursa Mini. I had the opportunity to visit Blackmagic Design at NAB 2015 again this year, and met with Terry Frechette, Director of  Corporate Communications and Kendall Eckman, the West Coast Product Repesentative.

The Blackmagic Design Micro cameras deserve the title “micro” as they both record to SD cards and can fit in the palm of your hand. The Micro Cinema Camera even has a port that interfaces with a remote controller, and is light enough in weight to be flown. Kendall says that the camera is entirely “hackable” meaning that if not compatible with your particular controller, it most likely can be made to be compatible with some software adjustments.

The two micro cameras both have tally lights, making them more fit for remote operation, and the studio version will even record 4k, but the real Blackmagic show-stopper was the new Ursa Mini. Built upon the technology of the original Ursa, the new Ursa Mini has the same electronics crammed into a much smaller, 5 pound package. Also new for this year is an electronic viewfinder to fit both Ursa cameras.

Here’s what Marco Solorio on the One River Media Blog had to say about it.

To start, the resolution is 4.6K, or more specifically 4608×2592. Having a larger resolution than 4K (even if just slightly) was something I asked for in my recent NAB Wish List blog post, as I like to use larger frame sizes for creative acquisition purposes. This larger resolution also means that going to standard DCI 4096×2160 workflow/output is not a problem (another wish list item of mine). In short, this sensor covers all resolution bases I’ve been asking for.

Blackmagic Design

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The big deal with the new 4.6K sensor however is its dynamic range. Blackmagic claims a highly respectable 15 stops of DR. The original 2.5K Cinema Camera boasted 13 stops of DR and has been known to have excellent color/skin rendering (so much so that it cuts together incredibly well with the likes of the ARRI Alexa). Talking directly with the Blackmagic development team, the new 4.6K sensor’s color science fits extremely closely with the original 2.5K sensor, while having the added benefits of increased dynamic range by a whopping 2 stops (amongst other features). All in all, this is an amazing feat and seems to align this sensor in the realm of cameras costing 3 to 15 times more than the URSA Mini 4.6K EF at $4995.

It certainly looks like Blackmagic Design is going to have another great year. And oh, yes! Another update to DaVinci Resolve is happening now with multicam editing. Gotta love BMD.




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