BMPCC Cage: Motionnine Cube Cage

BMPCC CageBMPCC Cage: Motionnine Cube Cage

All sorts of rigs are appearing on the market for the next generation indie filmmakers to spend their hard-earned budgets for. This particular BMPCC cage is brand new, and is called the Motionnine Cube Cage. It also has included a feature that will be extremely appealing to BMPCC users — an external 14.4 V battery. Although it takes the battery up to 3 hours to fully charge, it will keep your BMPCC running far longer than its own internal battery. This feature alone is something to consider when making the decision to cage your BMPCC. 

I also like the idea of a cable clamp on the left side of the BMPCC that in addition to adding stress relief to the tiny cables that will be plugged into the camera, also doubles as a handle. This BMPCC cage appears to be well constructed, sturdy and flexible as to its adaptability to accommodate various other camera gear. Be aware though that the assembly of this cage involves the use of hexagonal wrenches that if you don’t have with you on the day of a shoot, it may have you scrambling for them if you suddenly have to make a last minute change to your setup. This is where thumb screws and knobs add to the convenience factor. I wonder how much that would significantly add to the price of the unit if it were equipped with these or if they would detract from its compact design? Nevertheless, if you are a BMPCC owner who is considering building a rig for your camera, the Motionnine Cube Cage is definitely worth investigating.

— Stu Brown

bmpcc cage



The price of the basic cage just dropped from $325 to $260:

bmpcc cage

Check out the Motionnine Cube Cage page by clicking the link.



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