BMPCC Pros and Cons

bmpcc pros and cons

It’s a quirky little camera that packs a big punch, but there are some set backs to be aware of.

BMPCC Pros and Cons

I have the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera on order that has yet to be delivered from B&H Photo. Many of you who are also considering taking advantage of the temporary price drop provided by Blackmagic Design, should be made aware of what you are getting into. In this BMPCC Pros and Cons post, you will learn of this camera’s shortcomings¬†by watching the video created by The video was produced around Dec, 2013, before the recent firmware update in which some challenges have been addressed and new features added.

The beauty of many things digital stems from the ability to address problems met within a device with firmware updates as opposed to swapping hardware. (Hear that Apple?) That being said, for $500 I consider it worth gambling on this camera for the things that it does do well, and that is being to produce quality images. After all, isn’t that what a camera is for? No one recommends recording audio to a $30k RED camera alone, so why complain if a $1k camera follows the same consideration? Record external audio and sync it later.

My audio recorder for this choice is the Tascam DR-60D. To learn more about this beast, be sure to watch the video below:

The BMPCC is the lowest common denominator for true cinematic quality without breaking the bank or suffering a DSLR’s record time limitations. Although the user interface is not as elegant as the one built into the larger Blackmagic cameras, with practice, one will be able to navigate around fine just as long as the need for entering metadata is kept to a minimum. The money saved can be used to buy accessories like the Metabones Canon EF Lens to Pocket Cinema Camera Speed Booster.

The increasing popularity of MFT lenses is causing a stir with manufacturers, thereby stimulating the production of even more lenses at lower prices than full 35mm frame lenses by lens producers (i.e., Rokinon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma, Voigtlander, etc.)

— Stu Brown



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