Camera Stabilizers On Parade

camera stabilizersCamera Stabilizers On Parade

On Saturday, October 10, 2015, I took the time to visit my friends over at AbelCine in Burbank for their “Modern Camera Movement: Gimbals and UAVs” demonstration. My time was well spent learning more about various types of camera stabilizers, though I did not stay for the lunch that followed.

On display were camera stabilizers from DJI, Freefly and Steadicam along with Arri and Canon cameras. Our post of 2013/12/07 reveals the introduction of the Movi m-10, and now a m-5 and m-15 as well. We also uploaded a post introducing the Freefly Tero remote-controlled car on 2014/09/03 if you would like to read more about that little gem as well.

Watch the video, (which was shot entirely with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and edited in DaVinci Resolve 12) and you will see the Freefly Alta in action with an Arri Alexa Mini payload. Watching that rig fly around in person is quite impressive and intimidating at the same time. For safety reasons, the professional drone pilot advised everyone to watch the takeoffs as well as the landings. (I suppose this is because takeoffs and landing is where things are most like to go awry, and one needs to be aware of the way of escape should such a thing occur.) The reason I don’t have footage from the camera’s POV is because I was heavily engrossed in a new little device that I was so impressed with, that I missed the takeoff and the audience was crowded around the display monitor so tightly that I couldn’t get a shot in.

But the little camera stabilizer with camera that was the hit of the show for me was the DJI Osmo.

camera stabilzers

The new DJI Osmo is a handheld, stabilized 4K camera that works with Android or Apple smartphones.

Besides its compactness and handheld ability (in only one hand) the best part is that it is capable of shooting 4k to micro SD cards! Watch the video below and then tell me you’re not impressed.

–Stu Brown



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