Canon XC10 Borrows From Big Brother C300 MkII

canon xc10Canon XC10 Borrows From Its Big Brother C300 MKII

Canon makes pretty pictures without a doubt, and the Canon XC10 follows suit. However, one has to consider the strategy that Canon had in mind when introducing this UHD capable camera with a 1″ sensor and a fixed lens. The question this raises for me is, “Who is it meant for?”

Camera manufacturers have a tendency to try to create idiot-proof cameras by incorporating automatic features in canon xc10them. So the Canon XC10 decided to borrow one of those features from the Canon C300 MKII, namely, face recognition. So the camera can follow a face around and keep it in focus unless it leaves the frame. Quite handy, but according to some, the camera lacks many professional features. So just maybe at its price, it is there for amateur videographers to step up their game and really spend some money ($2,500) to join the ranks of “prosumer” or are there really some features that make this a rather outstanding tool for professionals?

We all love using the new compact, mirrorless cameras to capture moving images which the Canon XC10 does well. It also combines still image quality along with spectacular video, but that lens? And the limited ISO? Uggh. Johnnie Behiri, a BBC cameraman tells the story quite well after having had the chance to use the Canon XC10 himself and tells us what he liked and didn’t like. Here’s what he liked:

  • Canon XC10 footage looks sharp and nice

  • Newly developed codec (already supported by Adobe and other editing platforms)

  • Good image stabilization

  • Multiple recording modes and frame rates (4K up to 30FPS, HD up to 60 FPS, 720p 120 FPS, in the NTSC version – appropriate 25/50fps/100fps values in the PAL version of the camera)

  • Canon Log and Wide Dynamic Range Gamma

  • OK in lowlight especially concerning the fact that it has a 1 inch sensor

  • Built in ND filter (One stage only. At times too weak on a sunny day)

  • SanDisk 64 GB CFast card and card reader are included in the price

See the video below for an example of what this camera’s footage can actually look like.

For the bad (and you really must see this) follow the link to Johnnie’s post and you’ll be in for a shock. It’s really something to consider when making the decision to buy. Thanks, Johnnie.

–Stu Brown


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