Color Grading: Why The 1-Man Crew Needs These Skills

Color Grading: Why The 1-Man Crew Needs These Skills

The role of the editor is changing drastically as roles have changed in other industries that use computers develop more powerful software. What ends up happening is one person begins to do roles that used to be performed by two or more persons.

Case in point: In the legal field before copy machines and word processors, a legal secretary was hired to execute the work for one attorney. He or she had to type on a typewriter and if a second copy had to exist for the file, carbon paper became the way to make a copy. If the attorney didn’t like the outcome of the freshly typed document and decided that changes had to be made, the entire document had to be typed over again.

Film editors today not only edit film, but also often are asked to create title cards, create graphics, and color grade. In large facilities these tasks are performed in different departments however, today, the freelancer will find it necessary to do these jobs as well. The article below gives a basic introduction to what color grading is about and suggests recommended reading. Furthermore, a very good place for more advanced users of color grading software to discuss color grading can be found by clicking Lift Gamma Gain.

Check out the article and the links. –Stu Brown

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Why The 1-Man Crew Needs Color Grading Skills

This is a guest blog post from Sherwin Lau of Walk/Humbly Films. This is part 1 of a 2-part series.

As a filmmaker that frequently works with clients that are non-profits or small community organizations, I usually don’t have the luxury of a crew and trucks full of production equipment.

During production, I’m typically responsible for camera, lighting, sound, directing and producing.  As much work as I do in pre-production, sometimes, I can’t implement that plan fully because there’s no time, help or money.  And other times, “user error” rears its ugly head and I’ve messed some setting. –Read more: Why The 1-Man Crew Needs Color Grading Skills | Dare Dreamer Magazine

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