Crop Factor vs Full Frame

Crop Factor vs full frameCrop Factor vs Full Frame

My friend Robert Hardy writing for, discovered this mildly entertaining and extremely informative video on crop factor vs full frame. As technology continues to improve, sensor size begins to become somewhat less of a determining factor when it comes to image quality in today’s digital cinema cameras. In the video, Zack Arias makes some interesting points through various demonstrations, using the historical aspects of photography to further illustrate his point, and he does it well. I promise that if you can make it through to the end, you will come away with a different perspective on crop factor vs full frame, and you will become a better man (or woman) than you already are.

— Stu Brown

Come On People, It’s Time to Stop Arguing About Crop Factors Already

We’ve all heard it. “If only (fill in the blank) camera had a full frame sensor, I’d be able to use it.” Or, “The image from the GH4 sure is great, but I just couldn’t get used to a Micro 4/3 sensor.” If you’ve spent any time reading editorial comments about digital cameras in the past 5 years, then you’re almost certainly familiar with these types of statements. While different sized sensors can provide substantial differences in both aesthetic qualities and low-light performance, the argument that’s most often thrown around in these discussions is about “crop factor,” or the relative field of view from one sensor size to the next. Personally, I think it’s about time we put the issue of sensor size into perspective so that we can stop making goofy, arbitrary statements like these. Zack Arias over at DedPxl agrees, and his new video does a fantastic job at providing that perspective. — Read more: @nofilmschool: Come On People, It’s Time to Stop Arguing About Crop Factors Already

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