DaVinci Resolve performance improvement in 3 steps

davinci resolve performanceDaVinci Resolve performance improvement in 3 steps

As a TV and film editor, I knew I hadn’t truly lived until I discovered the creative benefits of color grading. Not everyone who chooses to become an editor dares to dive into this aspect of editing. However, with all the expensive hardware and software available to do this task, the easiest one to get started with today is DaVinci Resolve. But DaVinci Resolve performance can suffer once this free (lite version) software is installed on just any machine, particularly if the simple steps referred to in this post by Tomasz Huczek (@tomasz_cc) are not considered first.

When I started out, my DaVinci Resolve performance was nil. The graphics card in my machine caused the program to just sit there and laugh at me when I tried to boot it up. After upgrading my hardware to a 2GB video card with multiple CUDA cores, and upgraded the card’s driver, the program finally opened and I was able to do my first color grading session with round-tripping. I hadn’t performed any secondary color correction yet, and to avoid any disappointment, I waited until I could upgrade from only 8GB of RAM to 32GB. No problems.

After attempting to find ways to make my computer run more efficiently, and hoping to have the most speed possible without breaking the bank, I stumbled upon this little post. Click on the link below and find out what Tomasz has to say about some basic moves you can make to tweak DaVinci Resolve performance.

–Stu Brown

How to improve DaVinci Resolve performance in 3 steps

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve is highly optimized piece of software, and when it is used with high quality hardware, it can deliver stunning performance when grading even RAW footage with tons of color correction nodes.

That being said, there are situations when even most powerful setups start to slow down. This can happen especially when using OpenFX plugins.


For more, check out Caching Secrets in DaVinci Resolve also by Tomasz.





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