Dolby Atmos: the future of cinema sound

dolby atmos

Two huge trusses, designed to hold Dolby Atmos height speakers, are lifted into place in the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood

Dolby Atmos: the future of cinema sound

It’s about time something new and exciting comes to the audio aspect of cinema. This excerpt was taken from the Dolby website:

Dolby Atmos Benefits

  • Dramatic New Moviegoing Experience

    Dolby Atmos® goes far beyond surround sound to create a new level of realism for moviegoers. In a movie with Dolby Atmos, cinema sound moves around the theatre to match what you see on the screen.

  • Overhead Speakers for Added Realism

    Cinemas equipped for Dolby Atmos have overhead speakers that heighten the realism. Rain on a roof, airplanes taking off—you’ll hear the sounds exactly where they would be in real life.

  • Always Reflects the Creator’s Intent

    Dolby Atmos give filmmakers full creative control over the placement and movement of sound around the audience. No matter the size of the theatre, you’ll always see and hear the full realization of their creative visions.

  • Independently Controlled Speakers

    Theatres equipped for Dolby Atmos employ up to 64 independently controlled speakers. You’ll hear extraordinary power and impact when the director calls for it. You’ll also hear the most subtle details with amazing clarity.

To top things off, this format promises to appear in a home version as well. From, “High-Def Digest broke the news that Dolby Atmos is finally making its way into our homes, which was then followed by announcements from partners Onkyo and Pioneer about their first Atmos products.” You can plan on watching “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” in Dolby Atmos, very soon.

–Stu Brown

Why 3D audio on Netflix will cement the internet as the home of 4K

Netflix 4K to get Dolby Atmos, TV buyers to get badges

Netflix’s claims that 4K is the ideal format for the Internet age are sounding increasingly convincing by the day.

The announcement that object-based 3D audio format Dolby Atmos is landing on home cinema receivers and processors from every major AV brand this year may at first glance not seem directly relevant to 4K, however it could prove hugely influential on how the format plays out, particularly with home cinema fans.

The Dolby Atmos bitstream, which adds dedicated height channels to the usual surround surround channel mix will debut, we’re told, on as yet unannounced Blu-ray releases before the end of the year –Read more:



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