E1 by Z Camera

E1 by Z Camera


E1 by Z Camera

The E1 by Z Camera embraces the popularity of tiny, higher-than-HD cameras. The ever popular GoPro Camera increased its resolution from its fast-selling HD version. Blackmagic Design got into the game with two tiny cameras which we covered earlier this year, and Canon recently introduced its XC10 with face recognition. Now comes a product from a startup company in China called Z Camera, and the model they are introducing is called the E1.

Judging from the results of a very successful Kickstarter campaign, many people wanted to see this E1 camera developed. Having the right person at the helm of the new company, namely its founder, Jason Zhang, formerly of GoPro and site manager for Amberella (the chipset developer for GoPro and others) was key in attracting the company’s investors.

Founded in 2013, Z Camera claims that their E1 is the world’s smallest Micro Four Thirds e1 by Z Camera interchangeable lens 4K camera. The E1 uses a 16MP Panasonic CMOS Four Thirds sensor and can record video at 4K 4096×2160/24p resolution, as well Ultra HD 3840×2160/30p, and 720p slo-mo at 120 fps. Its auto focus system is quite fast, and it also offers integrated Wi-Fi 802.11n, and Bluetooth LE for communicating with mobile devices. The rear LCD is a mere 2.5″ 320×240 display, but micro SD cards up to 128GB are supported. According to Zhang,

the camera has exceptional low-light performance, ideal for documentary filming. Advanced noise filtering allows the camera to reach ISOs as high as 102,400 – with the highest quality around 6,400 (Zhang says its noise reduction is better than Panasonic’s) – and reduce ghosting and flaring.

The E1 can shoot time-lapse videos (an algorithm helps adjust exposure automatically during a long time-lapse), capture images in RAW (DNG), and work simultaneously with multiple E1 cameras (to capture different perspectives or possibly for creating virtual-reality content). The E1 is also designed to work via an app in both Android and iOS versions using Wi-Fi, and it maintains a persistent standby connection with Bluetooth low-energy (BLE).

–Stu Brown




  1. Stu Blair says:

    Hey Stu, great article.
    I live the tech in these small cameras, but they are difficult to use in a production environment.
    too light to handhold…too small for a big rig. perhaps a custom rig is in order for the new camera size between GoPro and BMPCC.

    Stu Blair

  2. stubabyq says:

    My feeling is that this camera is an “action camera” that is more solidly built than a GoPro. It would be good for flying or mounting to something in motion. Of course, it might also be right for a gimbal that handles the light weight of a GoPro or bmpcc if the object is for one to hand hold the camera. It biggest advantage is the lens interchangeability. Wouldn’t you agree?

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