E3 VR On Stage-Virtual Reality

E3 VR On Stage-Virtual Reality

Kahlani Leon, Nonlinear Post’s News Correspondent, and I traveled to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Our mission, search and report on E3 VR. The featured video documents some of what we experienced, and man, we certainly met some very serious gamers at this event! In fact, E3 VR practically met us at the door in an exhibit by Samsung using the Galaxy S6 phones.

Be sure to check out Kahlani’s other post, VR Post Production Challenges that features an interview with Neil Smith, of Rift Valley Studios, and see how this technology will apply to narrative film projects as well.

–Stu Brown

Post E3 follow up – VR comes to gaming.

by Kahlani Leon

So, last month I attended the E3 2015 event (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles. It was absolutely mind blowing and awesome. The new generation of video games has come so far in terms of the graphics, game-play, cinematics and photo-realism. It really was something to stand in the middle of the EA booth with the huge screens all around and watch a soccer game or the NFL players running down the field or experience the latest First Person Shooter.

I really enjoyed watching how absorbed everyone was in the new games. Male and female gamers have so much to choose from now – everything from war games to FPS, from strategy to role-playing, from sims to movie and TV spin-offs, there’s something for everyone now. My two favorites were the Omni treadmill from Virtuix playing the Shadows Ops fps game by TRAVR. This was a full body VR experience where a guy is strapped into a 360º treadmill and given a gun. Motion tracking follows your direction and where you’re firing the gun. It had such a Cool Factor.

My other favorite was The Farming Simulator 15 by Pixcube. They had a barn and cow next to a tractor and really neat simulation game that showed all the details of modern agriculture. Here’s a photo of me driving the pixcube tractor with the cow and a real cute “farm girl”, Demi.

E3 VR On Stage

Yes, I know, I’m a lady so the shoot-em-up games are a little too much for me though I really did like the new Star Wars Battlefront MMP game from DICE which EA was demoing in their booth. As well as the conventional 2D game titles, many of the publishers were also offering VR versions of their titles. Oculus Rift, Samsung, Sony and Microsoft all had great booths showing off their VR HMDs (that’s Head Mounted Displays to us non geeks) with tons of cool games to play. Next to the Oculus booth was the Virtuix Omni treadmill where they would strap you in and give you a machine gun and you’d have to run through a building blasting the baddies while they were trying to take you out. It looked like hard work to me – the young dudes were all sweating buckets by the time they finished their sessions. Here’s a photo of me next to Omni treadmill:

E3 VR On Stage

It was obvious from E3 that video gaming is alive and well; the booths were huge and always jam packed with thousands of gamers thronging around the screens. Everyone for sure knows about VR and video gaming but E3 this year proved that it’s not just a pipedream. All the big publishers and indies are re-engineering their games to work inside the Rift or mobile HMDs.


I had a chance to interview Neil Smith, CVO at Rift Valley Studios about his thoughts on VR and entertainment and he made the observation that though video gaming will definitely drive the adoption of VR in the home, movies and TV shows won’t be far behind. Rift Valley Studios is working on a VR horror movie that is going to be scary as hell. Here’s a photo of me outside the Oculus booth: E3 VR On Stage

I also spent some time in the Samsung booth testing their new Galaxy 6 Gear VR headset. It was very impressive and so cool to be able to wear one wherever you are without having to worry about being attached to a PC. My personal bet is that mobile VR gaming will be even bigger than tethered PC gaming. But we’ll have to wait until E3 2016 to see if my prediction is on the money. Until then, this is Kahlani Leon saying “Sayonara E3” and “Hello VR”!




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