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We have included this entertainment news section of our website just to bring you news about entertainment. Television, movies, mainstream production and post production people, screenwriters, and anything that may be of interest with regard to media will be included. This might involve commercials, video games, CEOs of media companies, pay TV, set-top boxes, satellite, movie reviews, YouTube and the like. In short, this is the area where you will find articles that are fun, light and entertaining. You will also find articles that serve as economic indicators pointing to new media trends. It does not matter whether they are successful or not. It is nice to know what successes others are having to find trends and to stay ahead of the curve.

What you won’t find is celebrity gossip, risque celebrity photos, new bands or Kim Kardashian. That kind of news is best left to TMZ, E! Entertainment and Fox News. We only want to bring you entertainment news that affects lifestyles and forward-thinking. We don’t want to cloud your head with mindless chatter. However, Hollywood is not entirely ruled out. There will be news on blockbuster movies and hit television shows. There may also be social and political news as it affects our industry. Just keep tuned in by visiting the site regularly or just hook up to our RSS feed and always be aware of what is going on in our world of entertainment.

Feel free to leave your comments on anything that is posted here no matter how controversial it may seem. Of course, we want you to leave new or related topics in our forums. If you really read this, let me know. Ha!

Stu Brown,

Lead Editor

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24 Live Another Day: Alexa

24 live another day
24 Live Another Day: Alexa My favorite TV drama for all time is 24. Had it not been for 24, we probably would have never seen the likes of Damages or Breaking Bad and others. (I mention these shows because they are also favorites of mine.) 24 Live Another Day follows in the footsteps of the previous hours of the original 24 series with one exception. Instead of one televised hour equaling one hour in the day of agent Jack […]

Video streaming, TV at a turning point

vvideo streaming
Video streaming, TV at a turning point The rundown here is that major video streamer Netflix (Internet streaming service) has joined forces with cable TV, and HBO (cable subscription service) has joined forces with Amazon.com (wannabe Internet streaming service with its new set top box). The point of all these new ways to receive content leaves broadcast TV out in the cold. Video streaming is quickly becoming the ultimate DVR or video-on-demand that rivals cable TV's offerings however, the two […]

4k Live Streaming: Cisco and Sony Collaborate

4k Live Streaming: Cisco and Sony Collaborate Visiting the NABShow is something akin to visiting the Louvre. It is impossible to see everything without making several visits. It simply can't be done within a day. There was so much going on that one easily could have missed the 4k live streaming event from New York to Las Vegas in the Cisco and Sony booths in the Las Vegas Convention center. It is difficult to say that 4k live streaming has […]

HBO Licensing Deal with Amazon

hbo licensing
HBO Licensing Deal with Amazon No doubt about it. HBO really, really wants you to subscribe to its channel. It knows the value of its programming and that if you want to see it legally, you will have to pay something. It doesn't really matter if you pay for HBO licensing through your local cable provider or through Amazon. I wonder if the decision to deal with Amazon is because a Netflix licensing deal would have been too loosey-goosey when […]

Online Video Viewing Up Almost 50% Over A Year Ago

online video viewing
Online Video Viewing Up Almost 50% Over A Year Ago More evidence is surfacing that supports the gradual demise of broadcast television via online video viewing. I believe it to be important to circulate this kind of information because in trying to stay ahead of the curve, it is important to be able to find trends regardless of whether the news is good or bad. I really understand why anyone who is thriving within the confines of a certain lifestyle […]

Moviemaking: Olympus Has Certainly Fallen

with all the computers can hollywood still make good movies
Moviemaking: Olympus Has Certainly Fallen - by Royce Brown Olympus Has Certainly Fallen: A look at contemporary assembly line movie production by Royce Brown The Trial: It was an evening perusing the Red Box selection and we gave this one a try (Olympus Has Fallen). I remembered a brief ad campaign and release that didn't seem to attract much attention, though I was curious if perhaps there was more to it than met the eye, and although I can't say […]

4k TV South Korea: 4K goes live in South Korea

4k TV South Korea: 4K goes live in South Korea Of all places where would you suspect that 4k TV would go live first--Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan? Where the manufacturers are busy building 4k TVs in South Korea would be your best guess. For the record, on April 10, 4k TV went live in South Korea through a programmer called "Homechoice" on a channel called "UMAX." Right now there are only about 40 items that appear on a rotating schedule […]

4k Player: Sony FMP-X10 Joins Sony’s 4K Lineup

4k Player: Sony FMP-X10 Joins Sony’s 4K Lineup What resembles a Sony PS4 and plays 4k files either from its internal hard drive or from Netflix, or from its own library? It's Sony's FMP-X10 4k player. What's interesting about this new Video Unlimited library is that it provides access to hundreds of titles from Sony's 4k download library including movies such as American Hustle, and episodes of NBC's "The Blacklist,"  and is capable of streaming 4k content from Netflix like […]

aioTV unifies 4K Ultra HD and traditional multichannel

aioTV unifies 4K Ultra HD and traditional multichannel I really appreciate the concept of this device, although I am concerned that the new Amazon Fire TV device will overshadow it. As you will see, the video is slick and well put together. Judging from its content, I would think that the market is cable providers. This is a company that I intend to watch just to see if it will be able to co-exist alongside Amazon, Google and Roku. Maybe […]

8k TV: NHK Debuts Super Hi Vision NABShow 2014

8k TV: NHK Debuts Super Hi Vision NABShow 2014 by Stu Brown, April 11, 2014 It is easy to dismiss 8k TV as an unattainable goal to reach, but if that attitude prevailed, historically speaking, we would have never had the "horseless carriage." Philo Farnsworth, the man credited with the invention of television, would be astounded at the incredible quality of the picture that 8k TV delivers. I was astounded as well. Though I arrived too late to witness the […]


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