Fire Phone: Live in Amazon’s World

fire phoneFire Phone: Live in Amazon’s World

Those of you old enough to know who Jimmy Durante was, might remember a quote from the vaudeville/television entertainer, “Everybody wants to get into the act!” Amazon’s new Fire Phone is one such product that wants to get into the smartphone act. If you like Disneyland, then you should certainly like this phone though there is nothing “Mickey Mouse” about it. I has some 3D-like features that might draw your attention to it, but remember, Disneyland is called a theme park, and the Amazon Fire Phone is a theme phone. So what is Amazon’s theme? You guessed it. To sell you stuff. They accomplish this by the means of a dedicated “Firefly” button that scans objects and shows you where you can buy it on, of course, Amazon. If you are interested in this phone, sadly enough, AT&T will be the first (and possibly only) carrier. Without a contract, one can expect to pay a whopping $650 for a smartphone with only a 720p display. Still interested? This phone is very unique, but will it last? MKBHD thinks not, and he isn’t afraid to say so. Just watch the video above. Below is another video from The Verge that shows this phone in action.

— Stu Brown

Fire Phone Immerses Users in Amazon’s World

SEATTLE — Amazon on Wednesday announced a device that tries to fulfill the retailer’s dream of being integrated into consumers’ lives at every possible waking moment — whether they are deciding where to eat, realizing they need more toilet paper or intrigued by a snatch of overheard music.

The device is a cellphone, but making calls on it got almost no attention at all at the event in Seattle where it was unveiled. Read more: Fire Phone Immerses Users in Amazon’s World –



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