Follow Focus: FocusONE PRO

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Follow Focus: FocusONE PRO

A little while back I posted an article about the PD Movie Remote Air Follow Focus System. While that follow focus features the elegance of wireless control, it also carries with it an elegant price tag of $2,750; more than the cost of some cameras. What about those of us who just need a follow focus to keep the image in focus, and it doesn’t make sense to spend that kind of money? The FocusOne Pro is one good answer. What I particularly like is the universal adjust-ability, how it only requires one rail, as well as the integrated marking disk which can be made to face the camera operator making it easy to set up two points of focus. I also like the price $289.99. Check out the link to NextWaveDV and read about the monitor holder.

— Stu Brown

Review: Edelkrone Focus One Pro, EVF & Monitor Holder

Edelkrone has established themselves as making high quality, unique camera rigs for any kind of camera you may have. But camera rigs are not the only unique products they design.

Focus One Pro

I’m always in the market for a good follow focus. I’ve gone through over a dozen different models in the past, each having their own benefit and disadvantage. With a flood of new, super cheap follow focus designs on ebay, how unique could a follow focus be? Turns out, quite a bit.

The Focus One Pro works as well as a follow focus should: you turn the focus handle and it rotates the focus barrel of your lens. Pretty simple. But where it separates itself from other models is in its marking disk design and adjustability. Having the marking disk facing the camera op makes pulling focus much more optimized for a single shooter. Having a single rail design makes it easy to swing away from the lens for quick swaps, but could be an issue if they didn’t make the handle easily rotatable. And a second gear is standing by and can easily be brought in for lenses who’s focus barrel rotates reversed and will correct the focus rotation for the operator. — Read more:



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