You asked for it and you’ve got it–a forum! Feel free to post your questions, answers, topics, anything that interests you about post production and more! This is the place to do it folks. Please don’t post anything illegal, immoral or obscene and we’ll be just fine. You can post links to your videos or websites. Maybe you have a tumblr or Instagram blog. Whatever it is that makes you the interesting, creative that we know you are, you can post the link to it here.

Talk about your next project, talk about your last¬†project. Get answers to tough questions in the post production process. Let us know your talents and availability. If you have a job opening–post it! If you are looking for a job–post it! If you need crew–post it. I would love to build a network of professionals right here using this forum because I’m in competition with no one. I hope we all make it, and if I can help you make it, then the better things will be. Let’s all try to help one another, and sooner or later, that gravy train will show up!forum

Feel free to start your own topic and challenge other members of the forum or just ask for needed help. You can talk about stem cell research if in some way it relates to production or post-production. Nonlinearpost is a community of freelancers, independent filmmakers, film geeks and gearhounds, so don’t forget why you’re here in the first place (that is of course unless you are merely a voyeur). No question is too stupid, and no answer is always right, so the more active you become, the better it is for all concerned. If you are really reading this (and you have gotten this far), then you are that person we are looking for who without a¬†doubt has excellent comments to make. Don’t be shy. PARTICIPATE!



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