Galaxy Tab S: razor-thin tablet

Galaxy Tab S: razor-thin tablet

galaxy tab sSamsung has successfully beat Apple in the smartphone game by moving more of its Galaxy phones than iPhones, but can it do the same with its tablets? Well, they certainly are trying by creating the Galaxy Tab S which is barely thinner than the iPad Air. Here’s where we find out if it is really thin that is in, or whether it is the ecosystem in which the device exists that created its charm. The article by Dan Seifert for The Verge takes us into Samsung’s world with these two new devices comparable to the iPad Air and the iPad Mini. If you are in the market for a tablet in today’s world that at this time is becoming dominated by smartphones, you may want to also check out my post on the Microsoft Surface 3. At a time when the growth in the tablet market is slowing even for Apple, it is a bold move for Samsung to be introducing the Galaxy Tab S. Nevertheless, some users prefer the flexibility of the Android system to iOS, so here you have it.

— Stu Brown

Samsung’s razor-thin Galaxy Tab S takes another run at the iPad

galaxy tab S - 1020-alt-1.0.jpg

For a long time, Samsung’s been trying to take down the iPad. Since 2010, the company has released a seemingly endless line of tablets aimed at taking away market share from Apple. Some have been so similar to Apple’s products that they became the center of Apple’s infamous trademark lawsuit against Samsung. But the effort has paid off to some degree — Samsung reported shipping 40 million tablets last year, far more than it had in prior years. It’s still behind the 70 million iPads Apple moved, however.

Now Samsung’s announcing its newest tablet line, the Galaxy Tab S, available in 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch sizes. The Galaxy Tab S models are thinner, lighter, and faster than earlier efforts, and they have new Super AMOLED displays that Samsung says easily outperform their LCD-equipped counterparts. But one major thing remains the same: Samsung is very much still trying to beat the iPad. — Read more:



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