Gimbal Stabilizer Under $2k

gimbal stabilizerGimbal Stabilizer Under $2k

I love new camera gear. But why does it have to cost so much? An honest answer would be, “It comes with the territory.” However, when it comes to a gimbal stabilizer, there is a new product that lowers the price even further and seems to do the job just as well. That product is the Came 8000 Gimbal. I don’t know about you, but although I really want a gimbal like this in my arsenal, I think that if I can afford to wait, someone like Blackmagic Design may make one that is even more affordable. When cinematic quality is available for less than $1,000, there should be a gimbal that fits that budget. Don’t you agree? All it takes is some remarkable engineering with cheaper, durable materials and a foreign labor force to manufacture it. I predict that it won’t be long before this product I am imagining is hitting our shores and sweeping young filmmakers off their feet with every camera purchase. Anyway, check out what V. Renee for No Film School thinks about this gimbal stabilizer from Came TV.

Here it is with the BMCC:

–Stu Brown

A Sub $2K Gimbal Stabilizer for Your RED EPIC & BMCC: The Came-8000 is Now Available

If you don’t have $3K to spend on the DJI Ronin, but want a gimbal stabilizer that is both versatile and can handle the larger RED and Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, then take a look at the Came-8000.

When DJI slashed the price of their highly anticipated Ronin gimbal from $4500 to $3000 for the month of November, this high quality stabilization technology finally found itself within the budgets of many indie filmmakers (at least compared to the $8000 MōVI). But, if that price was still making owning a gimbal impossible for you, Came-TV has a line of budget stabilizers that are similar to the ergonomics and technology of the Ronin, their Came-8000, 7800, and 7500. –Read more:



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