GoPro Hero 4 Information

GoPro Hero 4 GoPro Hero 4GoPro Hero 4 Information

These little cameras are everywhere, and you know that if a smartphone can shoot 4k easily that it would only be a matter of time before GoPro did the same. Maybe I’m just too old to be excited about the new GoPro. Labeled as an action cam, I don’t see too much action these days. Nevertheless, there are many others who will now be happy to film their latest daredevil adventure in dazzling 4k. I’ve warned people for months that 4k was coming, and with the advent of the GoPro Hero 4, it has officially arrived. I make this statement because GoPro sells cameras the way that Timex sells watches. They are everywhere. I suppose that isn’t a bad thing, it’s just not my thing. Anyway, you can read about the specs by clicking on the link below and find out more. Apparently there is a curious difference between the silver and the black editions that you will read about, and that will further complicate your decision to buy one. Let’s see, do I buy the Chevy Cruze or the Chevy Malibu and does it really matter? They are still both Chevys.

— Stu Brown


Few devices have garnered as much buzz GoPro(link is external)‘s HERO3+ successor, the HERO4. Finally, specs and photos have hit the Interwebs, confirming some of our suspicions. 4K video up to 30fps? Yup. Integrated touchscreen? Yup. Both in one model? Nope.

Rumored to be announced officially on October 8th, the HERO4 will be arriving in at least two flavors, Black and Silver editions. From the looks of things, both editions are going to be compatible with existing mounts, harnesses, pet accessories and the like. — Read more: @FILMBAY_CINEMA: GoPro Hero 4 Specs and Pictures Revealed!: Few devices have garnered as much buzz GoPro’s HER…



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