Ice America Ice Skating Rink

Ice America

Ice America Portable Ice Skating Rink – Footage

Here is some footage shot in December 2014, in beautiful, downtown Burbank, California of an Ice America portable ice skating rink at night. I shot this footage to show the low-light ability of the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera. The footage was captured at 1600 ISO using a 14-45mm Panasonic Lumix lens with a maximum f3.5 aperture (a rather slow lens). Despite the lens’ shortcomings, to me, the result was quite impressive. Using the cinema DNG RAW feature of this camera to film with gave me about 6 minutes worth of storage on my 32GB card.

I will note that even while using a SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB card, in one clip, there were dropped frames that simply appeared as black when viewing the footage in the timeline. Fortunately this only happened once, so maybe it was just a fluke. It was my first time shooting in RAW so I was anxious to see the results. This is clear in the lack of the use of variety in my camera angles. I was anxious to get back to the “lab” to see what I created.

Using DaVinci Resolve to create dailies for the Avid was a snap. Resolve even gave the dailies color without my prompting so I could enjoy editing the low res files and not have to look at that drab log-color footage. After editing the footage, I exported an AAF file back to Resolve to do a color grade which it imported fairly well. The snag came with some of the edits that I performed that Resolve couldn’t translate. Namely, picture-in-picture. The video tracks for the effect showed up though so I was able to use the program’s crop ability to carry out the same thing. It took a little longer, but it still worked. By the way, unless you have a very powerful machine, trying to play two cropped video files simultaneously with music will be a strain. I had to forget about real-time viewing when editing in Resolve, and I just had to wait for the render to make sure everything was OK. Fortunately, the edits held pretty much from the Avid. Rendering was really fast and I’m using an old 2008 8-core Mac Pro with only 8GB of RAM. (The next step is to max out the RAM, or at least add another 8GB.

This camera/color grading combination rocks. I sincerely hope that Blackmagic will continue to enhance the program’s editing ability to the point where one won’t have to rely upon a different editor. I would be delighted to never have to leave the program and finish without the need for a round-trip.



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