Indie Feature Film: The Last Fitness Instructor (Trailer)

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Indie Feature Film: The Last Fitness Instructor

I recently had the pleasure of editing a unique, campy,  indie feature film entitled, The Last Fitness Instructor. The movie has a challenging, imaginative, intricate, storyline that viewers may want to watch more than once to really fathom the twists and turns that the story takes.


Here is the short synopsis: A vigilante fitness instructor investigates an explosion to save the world from IQ level loss.

See what I mean? How to we go from an explosion to saving the world?

Here is the longer version: Janice Stenolds ‘Kathleen Roy’, a gym owner and fitness instructor in a small town, Glecer Oak, is the only one left to stop any injustices in that town and keep her gym membership stable at the same time. From stopping illegal HPCO pharmaceutical drug manufacturing, stopping mind control TV SERIES The Filthy Beautiful to stopping ESCORT SERVICE gun racketeering. But when she has to investigate an explosion close to home, she not only finds the murderer, but also cleverly stops a worldwide scheme from reducing the IQ level of independent women.


Inspiring Others Productions is the brainchild of Michele N. Williams, the indie feature’s writer, producer, director. She is professional and a concise, precise woman who is a complete joy to work with. After receiving the dailies from the Canon 7d, used exclusively during filming, I chose to use Wipster to involve her in my editing processes. This enabled Michele to never have to leave her home or business to watch the work in progress. It gave her the ability to leave her comments on the screen with pinpoint accuracy via Internet. All I had to do was merely upload 720p .mp4 files to the service and add her to the team. That team included Michele, myself, and the composer. Although I chose to upload 720p files, one can also upload 1080p files to the service. Wipster makes it easy for anyone who is given a link to view or leave comments according to the privileges granted to them by the author. I highly recommend using this very cost-effective service for its convenience factor. It will save any editor loads of time.

–Stu Brown



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