Kamerar Pico Cage for the BMPCC

Kamerar Pico CageKamerar Pico Cage for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera


Motionnine Cube Cage

Although the Kamerar Pico Cage is a latecomer to the BMPCC scene with this cage, I admire its efficient design. The main reason for adding a cage to an otherwise compact camera is to add accessories. Once that is accomplished, it usually results in making the camera more bulky. Some cages start by making the camera more bulky even before the accessories are added. For example, take the Motionnine Cube Cage that I posted about in August. This particular cage is sturdy, has many mounting points, but to me it misses the reason one chooses a pocket cinema camera in the first place. With its polished wood handles and trimmings, the Motionnine brings its own stylistic flavor to the camera, and thereby increases its size (see photograph on the right). What I like about the Kamerar Pico Cage is that is leaves more of the camera exposed while bringing more mounting points and adding rails. It just looks lighter. In addition, the price will be much lighter on your wallet. Although the Motionnine Cube Cage is designed to accommodate an external battery, depending on how you want it configured, it is priced at a hefty $325 to $600. On the other hand, the Kamerar Pico Cage sells for only $170. It comes with a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 1 Year USA Limited Warranty. Check out the link below for more photos and descriptions.

–Stu Brown

Quick Overview

The Kamerar Pico Cage is an aircraft grade aluminium, CNC machined, sturdy and reliable, multi function cage for your Pocket Cinema Camera.

It has access to the cameras hand grip, batteries, media and cable points, features multiple hotshoe mounts, and comes standard with an HDMI Clamp, Rod Holder and 2x 15mm accessory mounting bars!

–Read more: http://kamerar.com/products/pico-cage-for-bmpcc



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