Logitech iPhone Game Controller Packs Extra Battery

logitech iphone game controller

logitech iphone game controller

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Logitech’s iPhone Game Controller Packs Extra Battery Power


Logitech unveiled a gaming case for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and fifth-generation iPod Touch running iOS 7 that will add external controls for compatible games, the company announced Wednesday.

The Logitech PowerShell Controller and Battery offers players a case with a directional pad, four face buttons and two shoulder buttons. The case slips over the iPhone or iPod, but still offers access to the camera, power button and headphone jack.

The case can also charge the iOS device since it contains a 1,500 milliamp-hour battery, which Logitech representatives said was good for about one full charge.

In June, Apple first announced plans to include specifications for game controllers in the next update of iOS. When iOS 7 came out in September, the accompanying developer document included specs on how programmers can add controller support for their games as well aslayouts for potential controllers — both Lightning port-connected and Bluetooth models.

Logitech isn’t the only iOS controller case on the market. The MOGA Ace Power Controllerfor iPhone (see below) was also announced this week.

About 300 games offer controller support in Apple’s iTunes Store, including Lego Lord of the RingsBastionLimbo and Galaxy on Fire 2.

The Logitech PowerShell Controller and Battery is available for preorder from Best Buy and Apple’s online store. It will arrive at additional retailers priced at $99.99 in December, the company said. –See original article here: Logitech’s iPhone Game Controller Packs Extra Battery Power

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