Lytro Cinema Camera

lytro cinema cameraLytro Cinema Camera

I have to do a piece on the Lytro Cinema Camera because it is the most advanced technology in a camera that exists today. It will be interesting to see how this technology is applied in the future of cinema, but by any thoughts that one may have about it, this is definitely the future of filmmaking.

Ours is a craft of illusion. The Lytro Cinema Camera is more than just sleight of hand with its ability to fool the eye. It is a recording system like no other. It is closer to what a transporter on the Starship Enterprise or any make-believe vessel from the Star Trek series can do by disassembling and re-assembling someone into a different physical space.

I always thought that 360 degree VR is a lot of humongous information to throw around when one counts the cards. The stitching together of all the different cameras’ data to form one image is a huge task that is best left to a computer. Well, the individual pixel information tallied by the Lytro Cinema Camera cannot be small with its ability to calculate the focal planes, perspectives, apertures, color properties, directional properties, and exact placement in 3D space for all the objects in a frame pixel by pixel.

The breakthrough capture system enables the complete virtualization of the live action camera — transforming creative camera controls from fixed on set decisions to computational post-production processes — and allows for historically impossible shots.

Designed for cutting edge visual effects (VFX), Lytro Cinema represents a complete paradigm shift in the integration of live action footage and computer generated (CG) visual effects. The rich dataset captured by the system produces a Light Field master that can be rendered in any format in post-production and enables a whole range of creative possibilities that have never before existed.

Man, to be able to change the depth of field or focus after the scene is shot is an accomplishment. We knew this was coming, because we learned of the first Lytro camera right here on in 2014. Another good reason to keep your subscription alive, or to begin one.

Check out what the boys at No Film School have pointed out in their post for even more information on this exciting technology.

–Stu Brown



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