MAGIX Video Pro X6 Video Editing Software

MAGIX Video Pro X6MAGIX Video Pro X6 Video Editing Software

There is something to be said about German engineering with its technical approach to finding solutions for common tasks. That is what can be said about MAGIX Video Pro X6 video editing software. Not only does MAGIX Video Pro X6 handle the job like other professional video editing software packages, but it also has features that the others do not have. For example, time-stretching, MIDI manipulation and nested sequences. It’s $400 price tag makes it worth considering if you are a Windows user looking for an editing software change, and that doesn’t need to support the RED format. Nevertheless, MAGIX Video Pro X6 does support 4k files, and  it also supports proxy editing. With support for many camera formats included in the package, DVCPRO and AVC-Intra  require an extra fee of $70 for activation. Folks, this is a 64-bit program that supports multi-cam and includes Red Giant Looks! If you are a Windows user on a budget, I could seriously consider downloading the 30-day free trial.

— Stu Brown


MAGIX Video Pro X6 video editing software offers professional production starting at a sub-$400 price. It’s fully 64-bit with support for 4K and pro cameras, and full of features including multicam editing, stabilization and scalable proxy editing. Additional bonuses, like nested sequences, make it even more interesting.

You may know MAGIX in the U.S. for its broad selection of consumer software for movie and music creation, photo and graphic design, and website creation. From a broader view, MAGIX (link is external)has branches across North America and Europe, and is the multimedia software leader in Germany.

Plus MAGIX has a similar portfolio of professional software tools(link is external), including Samplitude Pro X for audio recording, mixing and mastering, Xara Designer Pro X9 for graphic and image design, and MAGIX Video Pro X6.

MAGIX positions Video Pro X6 as a pro level video editing tool at $400. It’s a — Read more: MAGIX Video Pro X6 Video Editing Software Review |



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