Metabones Canon EF to BMPCC

Metabones Canon EF to BMPCCMetabones Canon EF to BMPCC

The BMPCC is the lowest common denominator for true cinematic quality without breaking the bank or suffering a DSLR’s record time limitations. Although the user interface is not as elegant as the one built into the larger Blackmagic cameras, with practice, one will be able to navigate around fine just as long as the need for entering metadata is kept to a minimum. The money saved can be used to buy accessories like the Metabones Canon EF to BMPCC Speed Booster.

The following is from the B&H website:

The Canon EF Lens to Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Speed Booster from Metabones adapts Canon EF lenses to Micro four Thirds mount, while using custom optics to increase the angle of view and the maximum aperture of the lens. It is designed specifically for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and features built-in electronics which let you set the lens aperture using the controls on the camera body.

The Speed Booster works by shrinking the image circle of your Canon EF lens down to better fit the smaller sensor of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. This has the effect of making the angle of view of the lens 0.58x wider or, in other terms, reducing the crop factor of the camera from 3.02x to 1.75x.

When the Speed Booster concentrates the image circle from a lens, the brightness of the image is increased by 1 2/3 stops. This yields a maximum output aperture of f/0.74 when using a Canon EF f/1.2 lens. In addition to lens speed and angle of view, the Speed Booster also increases the lens’ MTF, or how faithfully the lens transfers detail from the object to the camera sensor. These increases in MTF are seen in the corners as well as the center of the images.

There are plenty of Canon EF lenses available today, and this Metabones Canon EF to BMPCC Speed Booster holds the key to using them whether new or used. Be sure to watch the video for a demonstration. Pricing at B&H Photo can be found by clicking here.

— Stu Brown



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