Mobile Video Market Growth

mobile video market growthMobile Video Market Growth

Here is another article including supporting data that establishes a trend of a rise in popularity of mobile video. According to Business Insider, “Thanks to ultra-fast 4G networks and dazzling HD screens, mobile video has proven to be far more popular than anyone might have guessed. But pulling ad revenue, subscription dollars, and download fees from mobile consumers isn’t easy. Business models are still maturing.” This post is just another indicator of how the eyes are moving toward the Internet. For a similar report, be sure to also take a look at: Computer-based Video Consumption Climbed 157% in Past Five Years

The Great Audience Shift: People Are Watching Tons Of Video On Mobile, And Media Companies Are Trying To Cash In

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we break down the extent to which the mobile video boom has changed what people watch, and how. Being able to track the shift to mobile video and predict the type of content that thrives on tablet and phone screens is the key to any long-term media or advertising strategy. The report also spotlights the most significant statistics that show just how many eyeballs are at stake on tablet and smartphone screens.

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