NAB Show 2016: Coverage With Tech Diva

nab show 2016NAB Show 2016: Coverage With Tech Diva’s coverage of NAB Show 2016 is going to be even better this year than in the past years. The reason I say this is because I will be joined by someone very special in the industry whom I have known for decades. If you tune in to her weekly live stream show, Wednesdays from noon to 2p.m. PST on Ustream you will meet Zenobia, a.k.a. Tech DIVA. Her show is called Tech DIVA & The Luxury Lifestyle. Zenobia, the Tech Diva not only keeps you up to date on the most recent advancements in consumer electronics and technology, but she also plays some of the best contemporary jazz music today. If you enjoy jazz, you will want to tune in to her 2-hour show and keep it playing in the background as you wait to hear her incredibly intelligent observations from the tech world in between some of the best lively and calming music to be found anywhere.

I am looking forward to this year’s NAB Show 2016 as Zenobia has agreed to give us her on-camera talents this year, conducting interviews, and bringing with her the pleasant atmosphere that is needed when covering intense shows like NAB. I will also mention that she can also help me carry stuff, and help me to remember not to leave any gear behind. Are you reading this Z?

Also, I plan to have more time to spend in this NAB Show 2016 than in earlier years. This will afford us the opportunity to cover more events and products than we usually are permitted to do. Without the proper rest, this old human body can only endure so much, and if you have ever walked the Las Vegas Convention Center from the north end to the south end a few times carrying camera and audio gear, you know what I am talking about. Got to remember to also stay hydrated in the desert climate.

NAB Show 2016 is from April 16-21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Visit the site: NAB Show


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  1. stubabyq says:

    I am really looking forward to hearing about the new and exciting products that NAB gives the opportunity to vendors to show. Keep up the good work!

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