Online Video Viewing Up Almost 50% Over A Year Ago

online video viewingOnline Video Viewing Up Almost 50% Over A Year Ago

More evidence is surfacing that supports the gradual demise of broadcast television via online video viewing. I believe it to be important to circulate this kind of information because in trying to stay ahead of the curve, it is important to be able to find trends regardless of whether the news is good or bad. I really understand why anyone who is thriving within the confines of a certain lifestyle would be in opposition to anything that could come along and threaten their lucrative existence. On the other hand, it never pays for one to get too comfortable or complacent especially when one’s lifestyle is technology-dependent.

What the article below points out is that there definitely is an online future for television. Maker Studios, the giant content supplier for YouTube still has its $550M bid on the table from Disney after being offered $1.1 billion from Relativity Media, and there are more businesses than this that want to get into the act. Check out the numbers.

–Stu Brown

Catching The Drift: Online Video Views Up Almost 50% Over A Year Ago

The new comScore Video Metrix report for February comes out just as the IAB touts that the Internet advertising reached $42.8 billion in 2013, which is more than was been spent on television, for the first time.

But let’s be clear about it. Of that amount, online video only accounted for $2.8 billion, a sizable 19% over the year before, and counted within the $12.8 billion spent in online display advertising, which was up 30%

Those are great numbers, still, that seems to suggest an obvious trend. Indeed, television’s overseers and other content makers seem to be tripping all over themselves to get more solidly positioned for an online future.

Yesterday, Maker Studio officially reaffirmed the Disney’s $550 million bid for the YouTube content giant, even though at the last minute, or perhaps even beyond it, Maker was offered $1.1 –Read more: MediaPost Publications Catching The Drift: Online Video Views Up Almost 50% Over A Year Ago 04/15/2014



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