OTT Digital TV: Big Paydays Ahead

ott digital tvOTT Digital TV: Big Paydays Ahead

For those of you who are not yet convinced that it is getting closer to the time to drive a stake through the heart of network television, here are some convincing facts coming from Pricewaterhouse Cooper and their annual Global Entertainment and Media Outlook focusing on the growth of OTT digital TV.

— Stu Brown

Big Paydays Ahead for OTT And Entire Digital Video Biz

Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s annual Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, is blindingly packed with numbers about the growth of digital but let’s start with just this one:

PwC, in this report that aims to take a look at the world five years from now, predicts that over-the-top TV streaming will be a $10.1 billion segment in 2018, up from just $3.3 billion last year.

And in fact, the report, says home video, mainly driven by subscription video-on-demand purveyors like Netflix, HuluPlus and Amazon Prime and others, will take in $17.03 billion by 2018, from $7.34 billion in 2013. That’s a good indication of why bigger and bigger players are entering the online space.

By 2017, the home video biz will finally overtake box office receipts, and at 43% of the total, will become the main contributor to filmed entertainment.

Going to the cinema won’t be a quaint relic from the past, like, say, actually talking to a person on the phone, but movies won’t stay at the Cinema Gigantic long. The windows will beckon sooner and more lucratively.  It’s been leaning that way for years, of course.

Altogether, things look very good for video advertising. Oh, it was just a $2.78 billion business in 2013, but by 2018, PwC says that will be up to $6.77 billion, a compounded annual growth rate of 19.5%. (So, if you’re thinking of buying that little palace, by all means have the mortgage officers check this report out. It’s all on the up and up,up,up. You’re rich, or will be in five years.) Read more:  MediaPost Publications Big Paydays Ahead for OTT And Entire Digital Video Biz 06/05/2014



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