PINE A64, 64-Bit, $15 Super Computer

pine a64PINE A64, 64-Bit, Single Board $15 Super Computer

The Pine A64 is living proof that with each passing generation technology gets smaller and less expensive. The Pine A64 is a Kickstarter project that was more than successfully funded, having a starting goal of $31,416 and with current pledges of $1,731,465. If you are wondering why funding for a tiny computer like this that only sells for $15 can receive such a response from investors, consider this. Daniel Kottke, Apple Computer’s 12th employee has a hand in the creation of the Pine A64 having built most of the Macintosh prototypes.

PINE A64 is not only a computer, it is a super affordable 64-bit high performance expandable single board computer (SBC). Whether you are an IT professional, electronics hobbyist, student, teacher, hacker, inventor, or just someone who wants to have more flexibility to increase their productivity at work, the PINE A64 is a computer board made for everyone. Enjoy more fun and entertainment at home with endless possibilities.

A pledge of $15 or more (which have all sold out) made this promise: “You will get the PINE A64 base unit, which comes with the 1.2Ghz board and 512MB SDRAM, 10/100Mbps Ethernet Port, 3.5 MM Audio/Mic Output, 4K HDMI, and 2 USB ports.” This product is due to ship in early February 2016.

Pine A64

Macintosh II fx (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The response to this pledge amount was so great that it was extended to include another 5000 of which 2445 are still available. There are many other pledges that were also filled up, but the largest pledge ($5,000, the Innovator Package) promises: “We will fly you out to San Francisco and you will spend a weekend with one of our co-founders. You will get to see what we are cooking behind the scenes, including picking up your very own PINE64+ and learning how to put it together along with the functions you want. This package includes making your own enclosure design and getting the product 3D printed.

This is a learning experience but you will have tons of fun with us on this guided trip. This is a 2 full-day experience with accommodations.

Includes airfare within the continental United States, hotel accommodations, transportation, and food.

This was an opportunity for only two backers, and both have been filled. After this product is in the hands of developers, can you imagine what CES 2017 will be like?

–Stu Brown

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