RED Announcement NAB: WEAPON Upgrade

red announcement nab

RED Announcement NAB: WEAPON Upgrade

RED announcement NAB 2015: A sensor upgrade for certain RED users. Here is some of the info from Phil Holland, moderator of the RED User Forum:

In an effort to keep things a bit more organized as there’s a lot of discussion here on Reduser the last couple of days and I’m also getting phone calls and emails regarding Weapon, I’ll be keeping all of the officially “known” information here to hopefully save everybody scouring threads for nuggets of “truth”.
Thus far Jarred has confirmed a few things that are useful for Mysterium-X and Dragon owners to know regarding Weapon. He’s sharing this information earlier than expected primarily to give everybody a head start to plan accordingly.

  • Red Weapon is an Upgrade for Red Dragon cameras. You must own or upgrade to Dragon to be eligible for the Upgrade.
  • Epic and Scarlet Dragon Camera Brains are eligible for the Weapon Upgrade.
  • Mysterium-X to Dragon Upgrades will be ending around late June 2015. Upgrades have been running since 2013.
  • From Monday February 23rd you will be able to upgrade from Mysterium-X to Dragon again at the price of $9500.
  • Red Weapon Upgrades will have priority based on the time stamp of your order, serial number, and Carbon Fiber lines will have priority.
  • It is possible to pay for the Dragon Upgrade and then pay-up to the Weapon Upgrade.
  • Red Weapon Upgrades are expected to begin around Summer/Fall 2015.
  • Red Weapon will be using MINI-MAG Red Media and it’s not planned to support the 1.8″ REDMAG Media likely due write speeds increasing and form factor.
  • Existing DSMC Lens Mounts will be compatible with Red Weapon.
  • There will be an Epic Dragon to Carbon Weapon Upgrade Path
  • For those with security concerns there will be a “stealth” Weapon option without the Weapon branding engraved on it.
  • Red Weapon will have a full unveiling at NAB 2015. (Or sooner if Jarred gets keyboard trigger happy again!)

** As for what exactly all of this is, we don’t officially know just yet.

More detailed information can be found by visiting our friends at Just click the link.

red announcement nab



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