RED Wireless 3 Axis Lens Control System

RED Wireless 3 Axis Lens Control System

RED Wireless 3 Axis Lens Control System

December 13th, 2013

Get Focused – RED Announces New Wireless 3-Axis Lens Control System

Posted By Neil Matsumoto

The RED 3-AXIS LENS CONTROL SYSTEM is a turn-key wireless lens control kit for driving focus, iris and zoom.

RED has just announced they will be releasing a new 3-Axis Lens control system for wireless lens control.

It will be available in February 2014 for $14,500.

See the details below.

The RED 3-AXIS LENS CONTROL SYSTEM is a turn-key wireless lens control kit for driving focus, iris and zoom. This system includes the RED T.H.C. (TACTICAL HAND CONTROLLER)RED W.M.D. (WIRELESS MOTOR DRIVER), and 3x RED LENS CONTROL MOTORS that can fit both 19mm and 15mm rail systems. For ultra-quiet, high-torque lens control, the RED 3-AXIS LENS CONTROLSYSTEM delivers a complete solution that features rotating a drive cable connector, interchangeable mounting brackets, and swappable drive gears (0.8mm gears included). With its modular design and tool-less installation, the RED 3-AXIS LENS CONTROL SYSTEM delivers precise lens control capability for any setup or configuration.


A lens control system is only as good as its motors, which is why RED LENS CONTROL MOTORS are held to strict performance benchmarks for noise, torque and design. The RED LENS CONTROL MOUNTING BRACKETS slide onto either side of the motor and laterally lock onto 19mm and 15mm rail systems; avoiding the need to remove your matte box and other rail accessories. With a 300º pivot-and-lock drive cable connector and interchangeable gear heads (0.4mm to 0.8mm), the RED LENS CONTROL MOTOR is ideal for just about any lens setup imaginable.


The RED W.M.D. (WIRELESS MOTOR DRIVER) drives up to 3x RED LENS CONTROL MOTORS, as well as providing wired control, start/stop, and 3rd party expansion. Proprietary metadata support is built into the W.M.D. system, which can record focus, iris, and zoom control data right onto the R3D file itself. You can set torque, speed, and motor type right from the W.M.D. menu for a custom profile that fits your setup. The RED W.M.D. (WIRELESS MOTOR DRIVER) mounts to your camera by v-lock or captive 1/4-20 screw and is powered using either the 2 PIN1B TO 2-PIN 0B CABLE (for use with QUICKPLATE MODULE and REDVOLT XLMODULE) or 2-PIN 1B TO 4-PIN XLR CABLE(8’) for shore/studio power.


With the RED T.H.C., you can deliver a reliable signal from up to 200ft wirelessly or 1600ft wired (5’ and 50’ CAN cables included). For jib, Steadicam, or MoVI shots, the THC allow focus pullers to stand farther away from camera without compromising precision. Any of the three controls can be locked off on the T.H.C. when using multiple lens control operators or only one to two motors. Lens limits are simple button press, as is the integrated RUN (start/stop) record button. Instead of using a follow focus with limited lens control and mobility, the RED T.H.C. lets you control focus, iris, and zoom wirelessly – all from one device.

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