Sachtler Artemis Trinity Mechanical Stabilizer

sachtler artemis trinity

Sachtler Artemis Trinity Mechanical Stabilizer

Those amazing German engineers are at it again; this time in the area of cinematography having developed the Sachtler Artemis Trinity. This device is by anyone’s standards, a feat of engineering.

Moving shots are all the rage these days, and if it isn’t using a stabilizing device whether hand-held or motorized, it isn’t going to look very nice. Enter the Sachtler Artemis Trinity. This lightweight gimbal is capable of supporting a camera up to 30kg (66 lbs). It’s a good thing that the rig itself is lightweight since one might be slinging around a 66-pound camera (not something you’ll see everyday). But if you’re going to do it, then do it with the Sachtler Artemis Trinity. Why? Because one can basically put the camera anywhere while one is in motion. This makes for the possibility of dizzying, seemingly impossible shots. Don’t believe me? Watch the video.

Oh but this unique device will set you back a few shekels; namely about 30,000 Euros or at the time of this printing $32,905.50. As mentioned by James DeRuvo on Doddle:

The Artemis Trinity system is actually two separate products … the Artemis Maxima and the Trinity Support system. So it’s a mix of a Steadicam harness, a handheld gimbal, and a jib crane that can move around just about every axis.

And being computer controlled, the Artems Trinity system will automatically re-balance itself should the cameraman change lenses. That’s wild. But my favorite features is the spherical housing which enables a camera to spin around multiple axis to get into just about any angle or point of view in one fluid motion.

I want one. I would also like to have a personal 747 like the president has. If you thought your latest super-duper, comic book action hero movie didn’t make you dizzy enough trying to watch them on that lovely, giant IMAX screen, just wait until the Sachtler Artemis Trinity reaches the hands of the skilled Hollywood camera operators. I don’t know how long the wait will be, but as of now, one can only pre-order this beast if you visit the Artemis website. Read more:

And more here:

–Stu Brown



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