Samsung portable SSD: T1

samsung portable ssdSamsung portable SSD: T1

At 2.1 x 2.8 x 0.36 inches and 0.9 ounces, it isn’t just smaller than most drives, it’s smaller than most cellphones. The Samsung portable SSD called the T1, which will be shipping on Jan. 20, comes in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB models for $179, $299 and $599, respectively. The purchase of one of these babies will entitle you to AES 256-bit encryption which is the same as that used by our NSA to protect its top-secret files.

The Samsung portable SSD T1 performs fast, with a rated (sequential) transfer rate at 450 megabytes per second

samsung portable ssd

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(MB/s). The USB 3.0 port is no bottleneck either, with an interface speed of 5GB/s. To me, this means that I can have a way for a producer to view my edits during a meeting at his or her place without uploading at a highly compressed rate on YouTube, Vimeo or the like (as long as they have equipment that will support playback). This could change a lot in the world of post production. You may be buying one of these in the very near future simply because after your clients are able to view their projects this way, they may begin to demand it. (Oh no, just when I thought I was through investing in equipment for a while.)

The main drawback that I see with the Samsung portable SSD and its size, is the ability to lose or forget it somewhere. Imagine having this $600 gizmo in your pants pocket and forgetting to remove it just before doing a load of laundry. Gadzooks! Nevertheless, it is not likely that this will prove to be a deterrent to those with an insatiable appetite for the latest technology. But it will be interesting to learn of the mishaps that are likely to occur after this product finally surfaces at our favorite electronic stores. There will be one more reason to buy that Best Buy extended warranty though.

— Stu Brown



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