SNOW Camera Stabilizer: Twin Grip 3-Axis


SNOW Camera Stabilizer: Twin Grip 3-Axis Mechanical

Question: What is a cross between a Steadicam and a DJI Ronin? Answer: SNOW Camera Stabilizer. Now the SNOW Camera Stabilizer is one of those nifty, innovative products that is being funded through Indiegogo. At this juncture, there are 30 days left in the campaign, and it has already reached 68% of its $15,000 flexible goal. 

The SNOW Camera Stabilizer will be priced at $649 with the Super Early Birds (the first contributors) receiving theirs at a $150 savings. Super Early Birds are expected to get their units in February. But it’s not too late to save $100 by becoming a SNOW Early Bird. You’ll only have to wait until March to receive your SNOW.snow camera stabilizer

One of the features that makes the SNOW Camera Stabilizer unique is its counter weight. It is a small tank filled with water! This is taken from the SNOW Camera Stabilizer website:

The soul of SNOW is the patent-pending balancer tank. Our invention eliminates the ‘pendulum effect’ when shooting with other counterweighted gimbals. The magic is in the tank, water is used as counterweight. In the swinging tank the damped flowing fluid changes the center of gravity while forces the rig to stay vertical.

SNOW is the first and only mechanical competitor of electronic brushless gimbals.

It is as smooth as butter. See it in action.

The SNOW Camera Stabilizer comes in two colors: white or black. It weighs in at 1lb 15oz / 900g and can carry a payload of up to 5lbs. Its neodymium magnets enable it to do what is stated as “automated follow mode.” The camera slowly follows the rig’s direction thanks to the built-in magnetic dampers. Constructed mainly from aluminum, the axes and screws are stainless steel. Metal parts are composited with industrial plastics and rubbers which are 3D-printed and molded. The final equipment is made up of dozens of high quality piece parts. The parts are assembled manually with professional care. The result is a high quality durable construction. This is a very tempting piece of gear to want to have in my arsenal. And oh, did you see the videos?

 –Stu Brown




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