Sony A7s Low Light Comparison

sony a7s low lightSony A7s Low Light Comparison

There is a lot of talk about full-frame sensors being able to film in low light with less noise and because of this chatter, many cinematographers are shying away from smaller formats. However, in this Sony A7s low light comparison you will be surprised what you will learn when you see how technology is advancing. Sensor size is only a part of the ability to film in extreme low light conditions. James Blake took time to assemble video footage comparing three cameras known for their ability to capture images in low light: the Red Epic, Panasonic GH4, and the Sony A7s. The incredible thing about this comparison is that the two cameras that are being compared to the A7s have different sized sensors. The Red Epic with a full-frame sensor and the Panasonic GH4 with a micro four-thirds sensor. The above video is a rough illustration of the quality of images that the three cameras can produce, but click on over to his blog to see better quality images before you cast your vote as to which performs the best in this Sony A7s low light comparison.

— Stu Brown

Sony A7s vs Epic and GH4 Low Light

This blog is a look at the Sony A7s low light capabilities. The low light capabilities have already been bragged on all over the web, but I wanted to see a side by side comparison with the Red Epic and Panasonic GH4.

As an Epic owner, almost every production situation the Red goes into it performs quite well … with the exception of ultra low light. The capabilities that are coming out now are starting to really turn heads! It’s fairly common knowledge that the Mysterium-x sensor in the Epic hasn’t dominated the low light space. It has many many awesome features, but super low light hasn’t been it’s strong point. — Read more: Blog | Denver Video Production

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