Sony A7s vs GH4 Epic 4k Shootout

Sony A7s vs GH4 Epic 4k Shootout

The two top low-budget, compact, mirrorless 4k cameras undergo an extensive analysis in this Sony A7s vs GH4 shootout from a chap who calls himself MichaelTheMentor. The Sony A7s, of course, having an edge when it comes to low light performance with its full-frame 35mm sensor,

and the Panasonic GH4 having an edge when it comes to capturing compressed 4k files internally which translate to a more gorgeous 1080p resolution.

Michael, who owns both cameras, explains the real-world details of the Sony A7s vs GH4 at length in this almost 40-minute presentation with illustrative demonstrations. If you only have the budget for one of these cameras, this video can be instrumental in helping you to make that choice. It shares insight that can only come by asking the man who owns one, or in this case both.

Since the two cameras are actually still cameras that also shoot video, a comparison of the still modes of both is also featured along with ISO, moire, rolling shutter, high-speed frame rate, and dynamic range tests. Although you may have read posts or articles comparing these aspects on paper, the results of Michael’s tests may affect your conclusions. My conclusion is that the professional will need both cameras in his or her toolkit like a professional mechanic needs both a socket and an open-ended wrench.

— Stu Brown

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The big strength of the GH4 is its staggering level of detail, thanks to the 4K resolution. Even when displaying at 1080p, the clarity is astounding. The A7s falls behind on detail, as would be expected without the 4K sampling, but really shines with its own signature feature: low light performance. At ISO 3200, the A7s is super clean while the GH4 is quite muddy.

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