Sony RX10 Review: High End & Price

sony rx10

Sony RX10 Review: High End & Price

Is there room for another high-end, fixed lens camera in the marketplace? The Sony RX10 is betting that a consumer looking for the versatility of a DSLR with multiple lenses will opt for this all in one remarkable lens with a 24-200mm range. The lens is the reason to buy a camera of this type though there are still adequate controls that will aid in capturing photographs of a first-rate nature. In other words, the camera still takes the understanding of photography to use. It is not idiot-proof. Maybe you would spend $1,300 on this new camera that also shoots video on a par with the Canon 5d MkIII with a touch less finesse. This may be a tool to add to your arsenal for its splendid still photograph ability and flexibility with video. Check out this review by Michael Hession for Gizmodo to learn more about the new Sony RX10.

— Stu Brown

Sony RX10 Review: A First-Rate Camera With a Do-It-All Lens

The Sony A7 series marked a turning point for photographic gear, but it also overshadowed another new Sony offering every bit as unique as its full-frame companions. The RX10 was designed to bring powerhouse features into a practical and versatile package. For that reason, it holds vast appeal for many different types of shooters.

What Is It?

A $1300 fixed-lens, long-range zoom camera. Yeah, that’s a ton of money for what’s essentially a super-zoom; those usually max out at around $500. But the RX10 is a whole other animal. It’s got a 20.2 megapixel, 1-inch sensor, the same one as in the terrific RX100. It has a bodacious optically stabilized Zeiss 24-200mm (full-frame equivalent) f/2.8 lens, and a host of other features that  –Read more:



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