Sound Design for Film: 10 Examples

sound design for filmSound Design for Film: 10 Examples

Here is a list of films that an author by the name of David Biggins at Taste of Cinema believes to contain examples of all one needs to know about sound design for film. You may agree or disagree, but David has made it clear that what he is presenting is only a snapshot. Feel free to leave him your comments after the jump. Indie filmmakers generally should pay closer attention to the development of a sound track more that just what type of music to have underneath the action on the screen. If you are not certain what you should be paying attention to when accomplishing sound design for film, this article should point you in the right direction.

— Stu Brown

10 Films That Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Sound Design

Soundtracks are created by mixing together noise and speech (as well as music). Good filmmakers will devote a lot of their energy to the soundtrack of their film in post-production, making such that it sounds rich and interesting, and also making sure that key moments are audible. Bad sound design can make a film seem clunky and boring. Good sound design brings a film to life, adding layers to the action as well as heighten an audiences sense of perception.

It’s important to emphasize how essential sound design is to filmmaking; sound is never an afterthought. It’s carefully constructed and manipulated, often completely separately from the images that we see on screen. This list is just a small snapshot of what can be achieved with sound art, please feel free to post your own favorite examples of great sound design in films in the comments section. –Read more:



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