Stu Brown Projects

Stu Brown Projects

Tackling Fashion Cinematically, Or How I Love Filming Fashion

Tackling fashion with the camera is fun. Fashion is alive. Fashion abandons most of the rules of traditional cinema and I love to film it. Being able to over shoot, and realizing that so little of the footage will end up in the final piece provides me with liberty. After shooting for a couple of hours, I know that there will be only that one single moment when everything in the universe was right. The lighting was awesome. The shadow […]

MAGIC Las Vegas 2017 Trade Show

Last week my wife Cynthia and I drove to the Magic Las Vegas 2017 Trade Show. This three-day fashion extravaganza is the most comprehensive fashion trade show in America. It only happens twice a year on the West Coast, and this year was the first year that I went. Last year it was 120 degrees when my wife attended, so I was happy this year when it was only 102 degrees with a light breeze. You might wonder why I […]

Indie Feature Film: The Last Fitness Instructor (Trailer)

Indie Feature Film: The Last Fitness Instructor I recently had the pleasure of editing a unique, campy,  indie feature film entitled, The Last Fitness Instructor. The movie has a challenging, imaginative, intricate, storyline that viewers may want to watch more than once to really fathom the twists and turns that the story takes. Synopsis Here is the short synopsis: A vigilante fitness instructor investigates an explosion to save the world from IQ level loss. See what I mean? How to we go […]

Autel Robotics New Handheld Stabilized Cam

Autel Robotics
Autel Robotics Introduces New Handheld, Stabilized Camera In addition to its X-Star Premium aerial drone, Autel Robotics surprised us with a prototype of a handheld, stabilized camera. The camera, featured at this year's Showstoppers, which Zenobia (The Touchable Tech Diva) and I attended, is yet unnamed. In fact, the company is inviting users to collaborate in the development of its new product. This was their official announcement: --Stu Brown Autel Robotics Invites Users to Collaborate in Development of New ProductAutel Robotics Invites Users […]

HDR Finishing Changes Everything: Deluxe

HDR Finishing
HDR Finishing Changes Everything: Deluxe The good news is that you really don't have to run out and buy a UHD TV just yet, but you will want to buy a TV that can display HDR finishing. HDR, an acronym for High Dynamic Range is a process used in post production that delivers a very drastic, visible difference in image quality. The main reason HDR Finishing is about to become the new standard in post production is because of its […]

Sapphire 9 From GenArts - What's New

Sapphire 9 From GenArts - What's New I was glad to meet Brian Fox, Director of Product Marketing for GenArts, Inc., who we spent some time with learning about some of the new features of GenArts Sapphire 9. GenArts Sapphire 9 is a robust plugin used by just about all major studios. The company has been around for over 20 years, and the Sapphire 9 plugin is a robust culmination of plugins developed over the years. This year featured some new additions that you […]

Steadicam Pilot 2 & Steadimate Option

Steadicam Pilot 2 & Steadimate Option At this year's NAB, Zenobia (The Touchable Tech Diva) and I visited the Tiffen/Steadicam booth. We found a product of interest for lightweight camera stabilization that I felt important enough to share with you. Almost ready to hit the market is the Steadicam Pilot 2, which may be dubbed the "A" series by the time it hits the marketplace. Steadicam Pilot 2 The Steadicam Pilot 2 is a smaller version of the original grandaddy Steadicam. The Steadicam […]

Alive: Collaboration With Church On The Way

Alive: Dynamic Collaboration With Church On The Way Easter 2016 Pastor Tim and Deborah Clark hosted an unforgettable Easter celebration themed, ALIVE on Sunday, March 27 at The Church On The Way. Three separate services were conducted at 8:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m., and 11:30 a.m. to answer the demand of celebrating the life, death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Alive was a series of messages that culminated at the Easter celebration encouraging members and visitors alike to recall their unfulfilled prayers, dreams, hopes, […]

Band Pro Open House - 2015

Band Pro Open House - 2015 I had the pleasure of attending the Band Pro Open House this year, and these folks really know how to treat guests. When I arrived, my car was complimentary valet-parked, so there was no delay in getting right in to the action. One raffle ticket, pre-printed name badge, and complimentary jump drive later, I was inside, and ready to see all the things that Band Pro had laid out for its guests. Band Pro […]

BMPCC Captured Vintage Chevys

BMPCC Captured Vintage Chevys My BMPCC Captured Vintage Chevys in Burbank, California is home to Disney, Warner Bros., television studios, post-production facilities, and retired movie industry veterans. For those of you who are old enough to remember, beautiful downtown Burbank was the butt of jokes popularized by Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, a popular television show that aired from 1968 through 1973. The joke of Burbank being a small town, meant it had very little appeal, and because the show was taped there, the comedy team used the […]

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