MacBook Air Battles Surface Pro 3

macbook airMacBook Air Battles Surface Pro 3

I have conducted some Internet research on the new Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft and with a few personal adjustments by a user, the product is promising. The article that I chose to feature surprisingly compares the Surface Pro 3 to the MacBook Air as opposed to the iPad. Apparently, at least from my research, the Surface Pro 3 used as a tablet doesn’t really compare to the iPad. Meaning that as a tablet, the iPad is still the hands down winner. In the above video, the woman holding the  Surface Pro 3 looks rather awkward to me as though it is too big for her. Nevertheless, regardless of the look of things the Surface Pro 3 is very flexible. As you will note in my previous article, Surface Pro 3: tablet replaces laptop this device has much more connectivity than an iPad and is available (at a price) with much more processing power. Read what Christina Warren of Mashable has to say about it and don’t forget to watch the video. I believe that if you are in the market for a new laptop/tablet combination, this one is definitely worth a shot.

— Stu Brown

Can the Surface Pro 3 Crush the MacBook Air?

Microsoft announced the latest member of the Surface family, the Surface Pro 3, on Tuesday. Unlike past Surface tablets, Microsoft isn’t pitting the Surface Pro 3 against the iPad — instead, it’s targeting the MacBook Air.

We’ve already compared the Surface Pro 3 to the MacBook Air in terms of raw specs, but how do the two devices stack up in person? Moreover, is the Surface Pro 3 a tablet that can replace your laptop? Or is it still stuck somewhere in device purgatory?

The good news for Microsoft:– Learn more:



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