Tackling Fashion Cinematically, Or How I Love Filming Fashion

tackling fashion

Tackling fashion with the camera is fun. Fashion is alive. Fashion abandons most of the rules of traditional cinema and I love to film it. Being able to over shoot, and realizing that so little of the footage will end up in the final piece provides me with liberty. After shooting for a couple of hours, I know that there will be only that one single moment when everything in the universe was right. The lighting was awesome. The shadow was perfect. The place of the hands was just right. The model’s expression fit the mood. The garment is at its most flattering angle.

These things that are important considerations really come to life during the post production process. Not only do I enjoy filming it, but editing it requires a strategy that isn’t the same thing twice. There is generous room for experimentation; however, all experimentation must keep the brand’s focus in mind. There is a method to the madness, and to discover the method means to find the soul of the experience.

Tackling Fashion is art baby, in its truest sense

Working for the Shift in Season fashion brand has me paying attention to things that used to not be so important. What a learning experience for me, and well received! I am thankful for the opportunity to get better and better at it. I would enjoy communicating with you, my readers about your experiences with filming fashion just to compare notes. I’d like to know if any of you are as ecstatic about this type of work as I am. Or is it just me? Please leave me your comments.

The cameras I used were the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Everything outdoors was filmed in sunlight without using reflectors (although sometimes I wished I had an assistant to use them).

–Stu Brown



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