Tascam DR-10x Plug-On Recorder

Tascam DR-10x Plug-On Linear PCM Recorder

tascam dr-10x

The Tascam DR-10x introduces a more compact method of recording secondary audio by using any dynamic or battery-powered microphone with an XLR connection. This device is easy to use–only recording in one sample rate (48kHz) in 48kHz/24-bit mono WAV(BWF format).

Now that’s okay with me and probably with you as well if you are a filmmaker/post production person. Imagine having a microphone with no cable with its own recorder attached to it as you conduct an interview on camera. The Tascam DR-10x is happily recording one track of audio or one and a safety track (2 tracks of audio) internally to a micro SD card stored inside. Does that sound convenient or just scary? After all, most of us are used to monitoring the audio as it is being recorded to make sure that we are getting it. Enter the headphone output.

tascam dr-10x

Here, you get to have a cable, and if you’re like me, until you are entirely comfortable with using this device, you will be sure to bring along a pair of headphones or an earbud of some type.

tascam dr-10x

The recording switch uses a sliding mechanism. This prevents misoperation from accidentally pressing a button. In addition, the hold function can prevent recording from being stopped by accidental contact with a button. Since the DR-10X is designed to be used together with a mic as a single unit, it is engineered to prevent misoperation during recording.

Okay Tascam, we’re counting on you. Other safety features built into this device as mentioned above is a safety track that when activated, records a secondary track of audio at a lower volume. If the battery is about to die, the unit will automatically close the file to prevent the loss of already recorded data before it shuts down.

Tascam dr-10x

You can check the status of the battery by observing the easy-to-read organic EL display.

The Tascam DR-10x is now available in our store.

See more at: http://tascam.com/product/dr-10x/


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