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Many kinds of new technology that do not necessarily relate to post-production appear almost daily. We like to keep abreast of new trends as they develop to continue to be considered a forward-thinking company. Technology helps us to find new markets as they open up in which video certainly will play an important role. Video is one of the best ways to show new technology. After all, if no one knows about the technology or how to use it, what good is it?

Keeping up with the changes in the world in which we live is important for our future no matter what our chosen profession. This technology section promises to bring the latest and most innovative advancements that we believe will have an important role in our changing lifestyles. We will also bring to you those innovations that some may consider as gimmicks because they too can help to open the discovery process. Every new idea whether popular or not has a role to play in how we perceive ourselves as a culture and inspires other with new ideas and inventions. Ideas are key to creativity, and post-production needs creativity to work. We hope the articles presented here will inspire you to call on creativity that you did not think you had, allowing you to dig deeper into yourself. Ideas are limitless and sometimes seem impossible until someone is brave enough to realize there are no boundaries when it comes to innovation and the possibilities are endless.

New iMac Pro? 

new imac
  Apple calls this machine its ‘most powerful Mac ever’ and includes a space gray casing. Apple fans can read about the hype by clicking this link.

Lytro Cinema Camera

lytro cinema camera
Lytro Cinema Camera I have to do a piece on the Lytro Cinema Camera because it is the most advanced technology in a camera that exists today. It will be interesting to see how this technology is applied in the future of cinema, but by any thoughts that one may have about it, this is definitely the future of filmmaking. Ours is a craft of illusion. The Lytro Cinema Camera is more than just sleight of hand with its ability […]

Editor's Lounge - Friday, May 20

Editor's Lounge - Friday, May 20 Taken from the Editor's Lounge website: TUNE IN FRIDAY, MAY 20 AT 6:30 PM FOR THE NEXT EDITORS' LOUNGE: Plug-ins and Platforms: More Updates from NAB 2016 Latest Tools from Facilis, Adobe, and Boris FX / Imagineer Systems Following closely on the heels of last month's Editors' Lounge, this month focuses on more updates and new tools from NAB 2016. Multiple presentations will focus on greater creativity, improved performance, and tighter workflow integration. Product […]

LACPUG Meeting Wed. May 25

LACPUG Meeting Wed. May 25 This is taken from the LACPUG website. Blackmagic Design Night. Join us as we welcome back Paul Saccone who will show us everything you need to know about DaVinci Resolve 12.5. And there is a LOT to show. Plus, an intro to Fusion 8. Plus we welcome Noam Kroll who will show off the Ursa Mini 4.6, (yes it is shipping). Noam will take you through the camera as well as show footage. Speaking of footage, BMD will rent a decent projector for […]

Steadicam Pilot 2 & Steadimate Option

Steadicam Pilot 2 & Steadimate Option At this year's NAB, Zenobia (The Touchable Tech Diva) and I visited the Tiffen/Steadicam booth. We found a product of interest for lightweight camera stabilization that I felt important enough to share with you. Almost ready to hit the market is the Steadicam Pilot 2, which may be dubbed the "A" series by the time it hits the marketplace. Steadicam Pilot 2 The Steadicam Pilot 2 is a smaller version of the original grandaddy Steadicam. The Steadicam […]

NAB Update Coming Soon!

NAB update
NAB Update Coming Soon! I just returned from the 2016 NABShow on yesterday, Wednesday April 20, and I promised you an NAB update on new products coming your way from the indie filmmaker's perspective from various vendors. I will make good on that promise in the days ahead. However, at the Blackmagic Design Press Conference, the most exciting announcement for me is revealed in the above clip. The other products, not so much--YET. As I mentioned to you before, was fortunate to gain […]

NAB Show 2016: Coverage With Tech Diva

NAB Show 2016: Coverage With Tech Diva's coverage of NAB Show 2016 is going to be even better this year than in the past years. The reason I say this is because I will be joined by someone very special in the industry whom I have known for decades. If you tune in to her weekly live stream show, Wednesdays from noon to 2p.m. PST on Ustream you will meet Zenobia, a.k.a. Tech DIVA. Her show is called Tech DIVA & […]

LACPUG Meeting Wed. February 24

LACPUG Meeting Wed. February 24 This is taken from the LACPUG website. Boris FX, Doritos Dogs and Final Cut Pro X Join us Wednesday February 24 for the next lacpug meet. We welcome Mary Poplin, Product Specialist for Imagineer Systems. Mary will share tips and tricks for editors to accomplish more in their timeline with new Boris Continuum 10 plug-ins featuring integrated Mocha masking and tracking tools. Also we are excited to welcome this years “Doritos "Crash the Superbowl,” winner Jacob Chase, […]

Editor's Lounge - Friday, February 26

Editor's Lounge - Friday, February 26 Taken from the Editor's Lounge website: Demystifying Virtual Reality Tackling a VR Project from Acquisition Through Post Have you considered what it takes to work on a Virtual Reality project? The technology is getting cheaper and consumer interest is growing, which means that this is an emerging market waiting for quality content. Are you ready to tackle it? Editors' Lounge is proud to present our first VR-themed event. Join us on Friday, February 26 […]

World's First Thunderbolt 3 RAID

  World's First Thunderbolt 3 RAID It takes Thunderbolt 3 to easily supply the pixel information for two 4k displays to run simultaneously at 60Hz. What is going to supply this 40Gbps data stream? Well the AKiTiO Thunder3 Duo Pro of course! AKiTiO Thunder3 Duo Pro is one of the first hardware RAID and display dock systems designed with the Thunderbolt 3 hardware connection interface. As well as super fast transfers it is built with a dual DisplayPort video output in a device small […]

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